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I slipped up after being 45 days clean of cuts I slipped up and did it again the day after my 20th bday...i suck
I haven't been here in a while, but I do still read.
I've been clean for like, what, 2-3 months now, I get my urges as we all do, but none that have gone thru with anything.

For those of you who pray, please pray for my Uncle. He's an alchoholic and this morning both of his kidney's failed, and will prolly need transplants. My dad just got fired and took a job in South Carolina, so please pray for him cause it's gonna be rough on all of us.

I hope you all are doin well, with school starting and such.
I'm goin to Germany in May, so it's gonna be good!

Prescribed by the Great Physician
The next time you feel like GOD can't use you, just remember....
Noah was a drunk
Abraham was too old
Isaac was a daydreamer
Jacob was a liar
Leah was ugly
Joseph was abused
Moses had a stuttering problem
Gideon was afraid
Samson had long hair and was a womanizer
Rahab was a prostitute
Jeremiah and Timothy were too young
David had an affair and was a murderer
Elijah was suicidal
Isaiah preached naked
Jonah ran from God
Naomi was a widow
Job went bankrupt
Peter denied Christ
The Disciples fell asleep while praying
Martha worried about everything
The Samaritan woman was divorced, more than once
Zaccheus was too small
Paul was too religious
Timothy had an ulcer..AND
Lazarus was dead!

Now! No more excuses! God can use you to your full potential.
Besides you aren't the message, you are just the messenger.

In the Circle of God's love, God's waiting to use your
full potential.

1. God wants spiritual fruit, not religious nuts.
2. Dear God, I have a problem, it's Me.
3. Growing old is inevitable ... growing UP is optional.
4. There is no key to happiness. The door is always open.
5. Silence is often misinterpreted but never misquoted.
6. Do the math ... count your blessings.
7. Faith is the ability to not panic.
8. Laugh every day, it's like inner jogging.
9. If you worry, you didn't pray . If you pray, don't worry.
10. As a child of God, prayer is kind of like calling home everyday.
11. Blessed are the flexible for they shall not be bent out of shape.
12. The most important things in your house are the people.
13. When we get tangled up in our problems, be still. God wants us to be still so He can untangle the knot.
14. A grudge is a heavy thing to carry.
15. He who dies with the most toys is still dead.
Have a great day!!! The SON is shining and he can certainly use you!


Ok, so threedays ago I was talking to my friend online, my best friend, my ex-boyfriend, the only family I have ever had(not blood, just family), he was doing drugs, which was unlike him and which I hated, he started trippin bad and next thing i know he doesnt know who I am or who he is, and hes convinced that people are coming to kill him, one of his "friends" convinced him that the needle that he used was HIV infected, and between all of that he was pretty freaked out. I kept trying to talk to him, to tell him he was going to be ok, waiting for him to come down a little bit so that he could get a grip on reality. At about 11:45 my time, my little cousin who I am staying with shut off the internet because he was mad cause I was making noise typing, when I got the net back on He was gone off line. I knew he would be, I knew that somethign bad was going to happen, I couldnt sleep at all that night, I tried to call him, I tried to talk to him. The next morning when it was late enough I called hishouse again, his sister answered and told me what happened, that he had passed away the night before from suicide, and later we found outthat if he hadnt done what he did he would have been gone by morning anyway because of overdose, they didnt even know how he stayed alive as long as he did. 

Needless to say im having a hard time with this, so far I havent cut though, he used to hate it when i did that, even tho he did it himself, adn its how he died. I just needed to get it out of my system, thanks for listening
So last night, about 1 am I got a knock on my door, I was here on the computer so I knew who it was, my uncle answered, he called me to the door, said it was important, I knew as much before I walked to the door, but I still went with curiosity, it was the RCMP(cops), they came to tell me that the boyfriend who abused me for years before I finally moved to another province just escaped from jail and they have reason to believe that he knows where I am and may be coming to find me, they are afraid for my safety and so if i do hear from him I should contact them right away. About 10 minutes later they leave, about 10 minutes after that the phone rings. I answer. The conversation went something like this:

him-hey baby, ur friends gonna be back tonight?
him-im not stupid, i know they were there, are they comin back?
me-im not gonna tell them you were in contact with me just leave me alone
him-did they wake up ur grandma? do you think she would wake up if i came to the door?
me-i dont want to hear from you anymore
him-but I missed you
me-what do you want
dead air

so naturally im scared shitless and not going to bed at all tonight, just like i didnt go to bed at all last night until the sun came up. sure scares the hell outta me though thinking of moving out on my own next week. but i dont knwo what to do, if i call the cops im going to have half the neighborhood callin me a rat and terrorizing me. what should i do? call them, dont call them? ignore them?

I dont knwo how many of you like rap music, but this one is kinda cool. read the lyrics and tell me what you think

And then theres this one which Im sure most of you know, and all can relate to. They make me feel better when I am down so i thought I would share 

Aug. 14th, 2006

Ok so I thought since I just joined this community I would tell you al ittle about why I'm here.  In the past 3 years I have lost the two great loves of my life. One was to suicide and took me completely by surprise, and the other was a breakup. The breakup was my doing and we still talk but of course it just isnt the same and it probably never will be. I have tried everything I could think of to make myself just not feel the pain but it never worked, so I thought maybe talking about it with complete strangers was the answer, since no one in my life seems to notice that I havent smiled since it happened. I know this is not an obituary page and its not a sympathy page so.

That was Tim, and as i said in the cut, my heart literally hurts without him. Now, as I said, I wont force you to read this either but if you want to truly understand why I am the way I am, read on.....

I used to do a lot of things to try and get past these things, including cutting, substance abuse, criminal behaviour, etc. nothing has worked,. I have stopped all this now and so far am doing fine, but on top of all this i wound up homeless for three months, and now I just dont knwo what I might do, I was part of this community before, while all this was going on, and I thought that I could do it alone, but here I am, back again, looking for my old familiar comforts. I havent done anything yet, and I dont want to. I hope that this community will do for me again this time what it did for me the last time. 



It's been awhile

It's been, uh, forever. I know. I totally apologize too. Everything's been so frickin' crazy around here.

I have been doing okay. I haven't had any urges; however...Collapse )

aim: MakeARunnForIt
yahoo: Aaash2KleyyS
msn: CloseEyesAndPretendToFly
cell phone: 231.730.2661

I'm sorry this isn't a good update; I promise I will do better tomorrow. I'm super tired (I get up at 4am every morning), and gigundoly thirsty. I love you guys so much. Hang in there, please. Call whenever if you need to. Just say, "Hey A2K, this is ___________ from the ABD community...." or something like that. :) WE'LL MAKE IT THROUGH.

♥ a2k
I am so mad, and terribly hurt. At dinner tonight, I interrupted my grandfather, and he yelled at me for it and so I told him I didn't like it when he called me fat.

He tried to brush it off like it was nothing, but I really dislike how much I weigh, and I'm really sensitive about it. He told me to get over it, and I started to cry. I went to my room and was crying, and started scratching because I didn't have anything to cut with, and I broke the skin...I want to cut again and it's terrible because I've gone nearly four months without harming, and things were going well, and now they've turned to shit and I hate it.

Aug. 7th, 2006

So, another update. I'm doing grand--I'm nearly four months clean, my boyfriend is spiff, I'm having fun in Florida...though shopping much more than I ought to...and feeling pretty good, over all. I'm really happy right now. I love my life the way that it is right now and I'm finally accepting myself. I've been having some self-love time, where I sit and appreciate what I like about myself. I am accepting my faults, and that makes me feel good. I am young, in love, and feeling grand.

i relapsed

i relapsed after like a mouth how could i? i guess i was feelin bad and really low and lonely. I shold get rid of the blade in my drawer and the razor in my school bag, to think i used to carry that every where. Im still going to. I don't know why.
So indeed, it has been awhile. Things have been goin so quickly, I havent really had time to get on here. Well, I dunno. I was grounded for a month-got caught smokin pot. No biggie-I'm off now, and not even a week after I get off grounding my mom catches me trying to sneak out(last night). It's not been a good summer.

I totalled my car-my friend and I were goin to the lake. Flipped it twice, tore that fucker up. I now have a job, to get a new car.

Um, I did do a lot of firsts, kissing ppl that I never in my life thought I would, and even doin a little more than just that, but hmm. It still feels a little wierd. School starts in a week. Fuck. I'm not ready-summer is sposed to be about fun, about not worrying, about low stress. It's alll been high friggin stress.

I'm done-I've been like, what now, 3 months clean? I slipped once, but I dont count it. If so, then I'm about a month clean. Pish posh-I'm gonna go get somethin to eat.

Hope your summer's have been well.


I am really enjoying Praise and Worship Band at church it helps a lot. I love to worship and I love music.

I also finally got my medicine for bipolar disorder all straightened out. I am now on Depakote ER and Welbutrin XL. Still having some suicidal thoughts though. WIERD? Yeah I know.. I trully dislike bipolar disorder I feel as if it is pushing me farther and farther away from my family and friends and even God sometimes...maybe it was wrong to say that...

I really like the new Building 429 cd "Rise"

I am ready for enfuego in Verbena

I am ready to start back school and I can't yet. I have been pretty depressed lately because of the fact that I like school...as a matter of fact I love school and I got suspended I let the family down. I am off for a semester. I don't get to go back to January which reminds me that hopefully the year will start all good.

I can't wait for passion I guess I will get to go...
I haven't updated this in forever.
and everytime I promise you all here that I will update, I never do.
Sorry about that.

I haven't been cutting for a while. Its probably been about 4 months. It should be almost 9 months, but I screwed up.

I just wanted to let everyone know that I'm doing alright. And I'm alive.


i've got to say goodbye

A lot of you probably don't even know me but i've been a part of this community for about three years, posting off and on. I am posting tonight to tell you all that I need to leave this community. I've recently gone 7 months without cutting and leaving this community will be the final step. I know it sounds terrible but reading some people's posts are very triggering and I find that I really want to cut most of the time when I come on this website. I think what you all have here is so beautiful, a place where we can share our innermost thoughts and vent and have people give us support is wonderful. But it's just not for me anymore. I hope you all understand why I'm doing this and that I'm leaving this community on a happy note, not an angry one. If any of you need someone to talk to or anything, i'll always be here. My screen name is dolphey76.

I love you all and wish you the best of luck in wherever life takes you.

Much love,


Heres the banner for the website it dosn't link yet but ill fix that soon enough.

Website made by teenagers for teenagers

Hey this is my website i made it with another girl. you can read about us in the about creaters page but please take a look around it and tell me what u think.



The fourth of July was fun except for a few minor fusses with my mom and of course I ended up in tears--her few words can hurt a lot-- On the friday after the fourth I got into a fist fight with one of my cousins at my grandmas house. I tried so hard to prevent it but she kept on and on and on with very hurtful stuff. I already can't control my moodswings but that friday it was like they were worse then ever and my 23 year cousin was saying the most awful things and I guess i snapped I can't take the verbal abuse I hear daily from mom and dad to hear my cousin say the stuff she said hit a nerve and I lost it. Things were crazy for a while after that with my mom and dad and I tried to convince my mom that I really needed my medicine and she didn't listen and it was crazy. Things kind of cooled off with that I think my dad may still be a little upset still but not much , but I seem to be getting worse with the moodswings and the suicidal thoughts and cutting. I might as well tell you that I thought of killing myself again this week and I still have the stuff I was going to take in my purse. I feel so unconnected and then when I really need to talk I can't because I don't have a cell phone I have to use my moms --when she lets me. I feel like my life is going backwards and my emotions have a mind of their own and everything is crazy...and hectic...and more crazy and confusing and sometimes I feel like I am stressing out everyone even my friends and then when they tell me to call them when I want to talk something in my heads tells me don't call they don't really want to hear how depressed and suicidal you are and so then I don't call. I feel like I have no control over anything at.

it has always been strained like every since I can remember. They have always fought. For as long as I can remember they would threatned to get a divorce and then they would call all of me and my sibling --or as the years went on siblings--into the room and asks us if they got a divorce what parent would we go with. they still haven't got that divorce and my mom still brings up wanted to leave my dad. Also for as long as I can remember my dad will go out and gamble and my mom would call him like 30 times and he wouldn't pick up the phone and she would get mad and be really mean to us at night calling us mean names and hitting us. in the past we knew when we should watch out for her, but now its like she is always in abad mood and you never know when she may hit or throw something and it can get scary sometimes. I am always in a constant fear that she may really hit my brother over the head with the mirror that she threatens him with or give me a black eye and break my glasses...

My dad has always been the tight to tell my about my looks. He has always compared me and my mom to the "pretty, sexy ladies" on tv. He has always told me that I am fat and eat to much and don't do enough stuff and now he and my mom have started telling my NINE year old sister she eats too much and I am scared for her because she has started talking about her weight to and I don't want her to end up with a Eating disorder or something or end up like me with self image issues and self confidence issuses. I struggled with that in grade school school-high school and I still struggled with it some.

I am also scared for my 15 year brother because I can't get him in a church at all and he seems to be drifting way away from the family...kinda like me. Its like he is building a wall against the hurt and it is interfering with my big sisterly love and I don't know what to do to let him know that I love him and I wont hurt him.

Everthing is just crazy.

Jul. 8th, 2006

*sighs with relief*

I got MOST of it done! <>
I got the extended info over here. And Chelsea's info (of what I havE) up. But I need more.

NOTE TO SELF - get the rest of Chel's info.

I hope y'all are staying strong. I just wanted to let you know that I got the layout up and fixed for the most part.

Gotta run - so sorry.

♥ x infinity



This is a song by a guy name Karl Kohlhase. I really like it and his whole CD. I t makes me feel good when I sing the lyrics. I guess God wanted me to find this song because I randomly found it on the INternet looking for something completely different...This song helps and its is like my life story...


Another day and night alone
This broken house is not my home
I'm in danger in this place
Four years I've learned to understand
I tremble when you raise your hand
There is hatred in your face
I love you, but I'd leave you
If I knew just where to go
But I am far too small to ever try
And make it on my own

I need to hide away and find a little love
I need to find a safe new shelter from this unrelenting storm
I am frightened and confused
I am torn and I'm abused
And I just need someone to take me in their arms
So take me in your arms

There's Someone watching over you
Who knows just what you're going through
There are angels in this place
And every time you start to cry
Another tear forms in His eye
There is sorrow in His face
Now don't you start to worry
Because Heaven is so far
He has many friends on earth
Who serve to be His open arms

And He says, Come and hide yourself within My love
I will be your shelter, I will calm the raging storm
I was treated badly, too
So now I'm close enough to you
And I will be the One to take you in My arms
I'll take you in my arms
So just lay your little head upon my shoulder
And wrap your arms so tight around my neck
And soak my shirt with tears, we'll cry together
Let it out, Let Him in
You can start to breathe again

When I say, Come and hide yourself within my love
I will be your father, I will take you in my home
You don't have to be afraid
I will keep each promise made
And I will be the one to take you in my arms
Your safe within these arms

Safe within these arms

Jun. 22nd, 2006

hey, i havent been active in a while.
lifes been kind of a lot harder, my mum left, has no house or job or money, my parents are both clinically depressed and we are all kind of secretly giving up on life. my mum keeps telling me how shes daughterless, which hurts a hell of a lot. and then uses me as an excuse to show off to her friends, they were in the pub where i work the other day, and they were all making snide comments towards me. what the hell gives them the right?! then my mum took me out for a coffee the day after because i bumped into her in town (bloody typical) and then when i started trying to explain, calmly and maturely, that shed upset me, she walked out on me stupid frickin mother.
so yeah, been seeing a counsellor for a few months now, she knows abuot the SH and everything, and helps me a lot with that. in fact, if it wasnt for her, im not sure that id still be here to be honest. i managed to stop SH when my mum laft (after 4 years) but then it got too much and i started again. but yeah, hey, thats me! :) hopefully, ill stay active in this community, because it helped me a lot last year.

hope everyone is okay <3 x x x x x x x x x (x-posted to KYL)


When i was on campus I would always go to the BCM because I felt like I belong like people cared. There was always Nick or Scoot to help me with music, Tim to help me with personal issues or just talk to, Jason to watch medical stuff on tv or get medical info, and Adam and powers could always make me life. jen vin always had good hugs and heather taylor was my mama. Travis always had some type of bible answer for my problems and there was a piano i could play and i was always surrounded by people who cared. i miss them all and in my dorm there was heather and steph and ash and steph to talk to. I miss them all. i have completely ruined my life. Completly ruined it. I haven't told anyone this yet but I have decided to commit suicide. i have decided to cut my wrist or something...maybe overdose...If someone has any reason why i shouldn't do this let me know...I told one of my friends not to give up and I am giving up...My dad told me that there isn't a place in this world for a person like me. He told me that I am not going to get anywhere in life at all. If you went to school with me you know that I didn't go home alot although i lived right down the road from montevallo in calera. The reason why is because i was being verbally abused and I am still being verbally abused and I have been physically abused and damn if my momma had a fucking gun i am sure she would blow my fucking brains out with it because she hates me and always knew she would but being at home with her and my dad for almost the last 2 months have led me to know that. I don't know what to do with my life anymore. Everything is crazy...


So I've been thinking don't I get on your nerves?
Don't I make you sick?
Don't I make you curse?
Don't I make you want to kick?

Don't you think im hopeless?
Don't you want me to go away?
Dont I make you spit?
Don't i remind you of decay?

Don't you like these pills?
There what im going to use.
It want be very painful.
I am so confussed.

Don't you want me to this?
You did say go away.
Im sorry mom, dad, friends,
this is the ONLY way...


So I am some serious disappointed in myself.
After nearly 2 months, I slipped up.
I've been searching for something, looking, looking.
Guess I found what I was looking for.
Another thing to bind me.

It hasn't been the best week.


so i was going to kill myself but i didn't. i gave the pills to my pastor, but I kept the suicide letter...I haven't cut in about 6 days but the no cutting hasn't been lasting long lately...home is just crazy and it is not "where the heart is" !!!!!!!!!!!

Jun. 8th, 2006

I feel bad for being super lurkery.
Good news? I haven't cut in ages. Not counting the slight scratching a couple of months ago, it's been all year.
Bad news? I've started hitting things. Things like walls, and doors, and lockers. My hands are already abnormal, as I'm missing a knuckle in my left hand, and now I cannot curve my right fingers up properly.
Here's the thing, I'm about to move because of the stupid military again, and I'll be heading for my 10th school, going into 11th grade, and I can already tell it won't turn out well at first.
My mom doesn't take me at all seriously. I found out about BPD, and now I just always have to have something wrong with me. How do I make her realise that I'm not kidding or wanting something to be wrong with me? For the first time, I want to see a psychologist, and I can't.

Rant? BUT, over a month clean now. :)

Isn't it amusing.....MoreCollapse )
Good bye 86 days of good behavior and no cutting.


Jun. 2nd, 2006

i was wondering if someone can help me
well.. im in involved with a youth organisation type thing and their having art exhibition, the theme is 'through our eyes' so it's basically how young people see the world. i really really wanna enter but i dont think i can. i know exactly what i want to enter
a photo collage type thing.
in the middle a set of eyes (colour), i dont know which colour yet, and maybe crying im not sure.
someones forearm with cuts and scars (colour),
someones stomach that looks anorexic(black and white or colour).
a broken mirror (colour or black and white).
a pill bottle knocked over with pills spilling out of it (black and white).
alcohol bottles (vodka etc) spilled/smashed/half empty on concrete(black and white).
and i want to have them spread randomly out of over a piece of black paper, then at the bottom i want it to say "am i pretty now" or something like that
i want it to show that the way people see themselves in different to the other people do and they want to be 'pretty' or whatever so they do things that they think will help them look better ie anorexia, bulimia but when the pressure gets to much for them they resort to other things ie self-harming, pills, drinking which often makes them feel worse...

i already have people willing to model for me with the stomach and the forearm and i have a few options for the eyes, and all the rest is easy to get a hold of. except i dont have a camera at the moment. so i was wondering if maybe somebody could help if they maybe had any photo's or anything that i could find useful and that they would be willing to let me use i would be forever grateful...


As you can tell, I am slowly redoing the layout for this place. I am considering buying some bandwidth and starting an actual A.B.D. site? Would anyone be interested to see that happen?

As some of you may know, I am getting married, so I'm gigundol busy with that, along with dance and working full-time. So, I WILL be getting back, it's just gigundol hard to do right now.

Lettme know whatchya think and all that jazz. I love you guys. Stay strong.

I am also considering buying some bracelets/having them made like those "Live Strong" ones but with a mroe ABD-related message. Anyone interested in that? Again, lettme know.

Stay strong guys. Love you lots.



My mom hit me with her fist in the eye on Friday. It bruised my eye and left a knot underneath the skin. My friends wanted me to call the police and I didn't because Im scared of what may happen to my sibings if I did do that. I have 3 younger siblings. I cut friday also right after it happen. I've got 36 cuts on my body from friday plus all of the others that I have been doing. I feel like my life is going down the drain...
So sorry, I've been somewhat of a lurker on here. I dont get online nearly as much as I used to, because now the summer is in full swing, and I get a little busy.

It's been a month clean. I think that for a while I'll have kicked it.
My mom's takin me to see a plastic surgeon person,
hopefully they'll get rid of my scars.
That would be nice.
Things have been nice.
Drinkin a little too much, sleeping a lot,
Making new friends and new memories.
Thank God that summer of '06 is finally here.

Hope things are well for you guys, too.

May 24 2006

Well, lately Ive been doing some thinking...actually alot of it. I been thinking about school, couseling, God, meds, plus more...oh yeah lets not forget love and family. I fell all confused about all of it...yes even God which sounds horrible coming out of the mouth of a girl who will soon be teaching 4th -6th graders at church. I have lots and lots of questions that I need answers to. i wish I could go to my parents, but right now I don't even feel as if I have any. Iknow they are dissapointed in me... Both of them. They however have no right to call me names. i have been going through HELL for the last 3 weeks. I wasn't expecting any sympathy from them--I gave up on that along time ago. I gave up a lot of stuff including hope that they really loved me. I mean...i guess they love me but it hurts t to hear my dad say, "You are to f***ing stupid to stay in school, you will be here forever on your lazy butt just like your fat momma!" or " look at you, to fat to bend over--all you need is a salad and water!" or to hear my mom say, "your Godd****** a** don't do s*** around this fu**ing house all you do is sit on your lazy ass!" I just don't get how parents can love kids and tell them that kind of stuff. I don't see how parents can tell their children they are stupid, fat, and worthless...therefore Idon't guess they love me. I am too much of a disspointment to them.
Then there is school. I love school and always hae but for some reasons no matter how hard i try or work i get no where. yes I missed I class but not enough to get those grades. I fail 2 of my 3 core classes I took. My dad ASSUMES that I fail music classes and thinks I should change my major. Tonight he told me, "Yo a** aint gone get no where with a degree in music--no job no money, nothing! You gone be working at Donna's or McDonalds or something!!" He gives no support at all!! Sometimes I just want to quit school. Having bipolar disorder and no meds can mess a person up, but theres always just this little dot in my mind telling me this will get better, but I don't seem to be getting anywhere with school. Im I not meant for school?! Im I leading myself on? Where Im I going in life? I ask my mom that one time and she told me "To hell if you kill yo' self!!!" Lately I have been walking aonthen ice with the whole moodswing bipolar disorder crap. IM CRAZY PERIOD!!!!! I feel like everything is out of control. Im mad for no reasons some times like mad enought to blow the house up or somebody's car or something. Then other times I cry lon long long long cries. Like tonight I was watching " Sleeping with the Enemy" and I just started crying for no reason. I also always hate when i go out with big groups and my mood is amazingly high up in the good range--to high sometimes--then by the end of the night or day whatever my mood is almost to the lowest point. I also hat the moments when im suicidal ( which has been a lot lately) and i want to slit my wrist or take more tylenol or aleve then appropiate. IM ASHAMED OF IT!!!!!!!!!!! Why do I have to have these thoughts? What did I do to deserve them? Something else I am ashamed of is cutting. Yes I have been cutting recently...I cut tonight. I have started marking the fat areas of my body with a X ( Im going to lose weight even if i have to start throwing up what I eat and starving myself. Im fat...I don't need food! ! I have to be perfect for my daddy will love me!) So im crazy right?...haha. I should be going to my therapy visits, but i can't go without away. I should be onmy meds but I don't have the money. So I guess i just get to suffer right? Suffering...Why do I cut? I mean when I cut? I mean when I cut I feel like I have control ove someting and sINCE I am making a physical painI don't think about the reason I m cutting. Thats only sometimes. Sometimes I cut when I am angry, depressed or mad at me? I want to quit cutting but I feel like Once I do I want have a control over things when im going thru my "lovely" moodswings, Why me? I just don't understand. Then theres God Lets not forget Him. Yes I was angry with Him...very. Reasonwhy, I didn't blame him for my grades--their mne, but why im i home again with my parents. Im trying to get better...not worse. i meanthings were already bad enough with me struggling in school, struggling with anemia, struggling with sleep, and struggling with bipolar disorder and mood swings. Now I get to struggle with bipolar disorder and awful mood swings at hom with my family...AND THAT ISN'T GOOD!!!!
My mom still doesn't believe I have bipolar disorder or depression for that matter. She doesn't think I need 750mg Depakote and 10mg Lexapro or the therapy visits and i apparently need all of it. My dad spends enough money gambling to pay for my medicine for half a year. It pisses me off when my parents say, "we don't have the money!" Should I just quit trying? Every time I get somewhere I fail...I dissapoint people--especially my parents. This is the 6th Major dissapointed in my family from Shernina Lawayne Gaiters:
1. Trying to kill myself summer 2004 (OD)
2. Seeking help from Clay/ Mark...just talking to them pissed them off
3. Not having a 3.8 or higher for a final high school GPA...apparently 3.75 isn't high enough
4. Acamdemic Probation 1st semester of college
5. Bipolar Disorder/ Depression
6. Academic suspension college (present)
So you see I am failing everyone...even God because ive had alot less faith lately. Is this all wrong? Am I just weird?
So I have been at home since May 5 and Life sucks. I hate the fact that I don't feel loved at home when I should. Parents shouldn't be allowed to say hurtful things to there children. They should know that it could make them want to do things like commit suicide or cut(which Ihave been doing a lot lately) I keep a razor in my wallet... I have thought of so many different ways of suicide to do but I haven't tried them yet... I just don't feel loved at all...

Well shit

It's not quite May 8th yet....but tommorow my brother will have been dead for 3 years. Here's my feelings on it:

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